Thoughts from Eleanor’s experience on the farm…

  • This is Spring.
    Every year, during the winter, my body recovers from the past summer season and my mind prepares for the looming season ahead. The memories of how hard spring actually is starts to fog, and fade into the distant past. Then, almost as out of nowhere, the ground stops freezing at night andContinue reading “This is Spring.”
  • Top 10 Reasons to Join our CSA
    Thinking about joining our CSA program?  Still deciding if our CSA is the right fit for you this summer? We totally understand. Joining a CSA can be a big commitment and seem a little daunting. But luckily, as with all good things, it comes with some of the most beautiful (and delicious)Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons to Join our CSA”
  • Musings on Regeneratively Raised Food…
    Pearce and I identify our farm as regenerative, mostly because it is the only term we feel encompasses most of our growing practices we use in the field and the intentionality behind why we raise food. What really is regenerative agriculture? It’s a big topic, and there are so many elements andContinue reading “Musings on Regeneratively Raised Food…”
  • The CSA Model
    What truly is a CSA? What is it about the CSA that I find so attractive? After CSA farming for a few years, I have completely fallen in love with the concept. Community Supported Agriculture.  Doesn’t that sound idyllic? Farming for the community. Farming for a community. A cultivated, caring, dedicated communityContinue reading “The CSA Model”
  • And the farm dream sprouts…
    Here we are. 2021. Pearce and I made some big life decisions over the past few months and decided to deeply pursue our dreams of starting our own farm. We have leased two different plots of land north of the Twin Cities where we will be stewarding the soil and water. WeContinue reading “And the farm dream sprouts…”
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