CSA Newsletter – Week 14

Good moring CSA members!

I hope a lot of you had lovely vacations last week for Labor day! It will be nice to see everyone again and share veggies with you this week.

Just a reminder that our in laws, Pete and Delcie will be delivering the CSA shares once more for us this week. They will be in their silver Prius. Look for them at the delivery sites. Feel free to text me or call me with any questions! Pearce and I will be attending a Lakewinds Food Coop member event where we will be representing our farm.

On the farm…

Tomatoes are something we include in many of our CSA shares. As much as I’ve wanted to take a week off, I’ve realized how precious their season is, and I don’t want us to miss out on any of the tomato love! This week, I want to share a little more information about the tomatoes we grow. At this point, you’ve seen (and tasted) a wide variety of the different types of cherry tomatoes we like to raise. Here is a little more information about each one!

Orange Sungold Cherry Tomato

These are the little round, red and orange cherry tomatoes. They are super sweet in flavor and so fun to snack on, or thrown in just about any dish!

Purple Bumblebee Cherry Tomato

These tomatoes are the deep red ones, with the green stripes. They are a little bigger than a typical cherry tomato, which makes them really nice for slicing in half to put on sandwiches, salads or pasta dishes. Their dark red color gives them a deep flavor and makes them less acidic than a typical cherry tomato.

Blush Cherry Tomato

These cherry tomatoes are the long yellow ones, with the blushing skin (hence their name). They are a meaty cherry tomato, with lots of flesh, making them nice for sauces. Their flavor is more mild and less acidic. Slice them in half lengthwise to put on sandwiches!

Juane Flamme Heirloom Tomato (yellow flame heirloom)

These small heirloom tomatoes are the bigger, round orange tomatoes we’ve been including in the CSA boxes since early this summer. They are just an all around crowd pleaser. They are mild in flavor, not too sweet for an orange tomato. Their water content is high, which makes them excellent for fresh salsa, or sliced up on a salad.

Snow White Cherry Tomato

These cherry tomatoes are the bright yellow ones. They are super juicy and sweet. I almost experience citrus/lemon flavors when I eat them. They are more acidic and so flavorful.


Just a reminder that Pearce and I will be hosting a farm tour and educational event sponsored by the NRCS at our farm on September 15th from 3-6pm. I hope you’ll attend!! We’ve been working hard on creating the program to be educational and interactive. There will be a free dinner afterwards!

In the box….

Large Share

Yellow carrots, purple daikon radish, green bell peppers, mixed cherry tomatoes, green curly kale, tri-color beans, leeks, onions, jalapenos, thyme, sage.

Small Share

Yellow carrots, purple daikon radish, onions, tri-color beans, mixed cherry tomatoes, green bell peppers, green curly kale, thyme.


I hope you can find a good use for all the amazing cherry tomatoes in your share this week! Have fun identifying each one and deciding what to use them for!

The purple daikon radishes are a personal favorite! They are super spicy and would be tasty pickled, fermented, sliced and eaten on a burger, and more!

Enjoy all the food this week!

See you tomorrow!

Your farmers,

Eleanor and Pearce

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