CSA Newsletter – Week 13

Happy Saturday evening!

This week Pearce and I will be at a wedding, so Pearce’s parents (Pete and Delcie) will be delivering the CSA shares for us. If you are at a dropsite where you meet us, please look for them in their silver prius! They will make themselves obvious and they will have the CSA boxes in the same locations as previous weeks. If you are at a dropsite where you just pickup your box, everything will be the same.

For those at the Northeast Minneapolis dropsite (Waite Park): PLEASE put your empty boxes on the stairs on the LEFT SIDE of the house. Follow the sign at the house for directions.

On the farm…

This week we worked hard on the farm so we could play hard. We attended a wedding over the weekend and celebrated the love of our dear friends (and CSA members!), we enjoyed a full day at the state fair, and played with our kitten (a lot). We’re back on the farm now, getting lots of fall harvest in. This is absolutely my favorite time of year because every veggie we’ve planted is ready for harvest, and pretty much everything is in season. It’s such a short, sweet time of year.

***Your farmers when they’re not farming!

As for the next few weeks we’ll be preparing for our farm tour on the 15th and spending lots of time preserving food for winter. Our favorite ways to preserve food are through freezing and fermenting. More to come soon on the fermentation class offering!


Just a reminder that Pearce and I will be hosting a farm tour and educational event sponsored by the NRCS at our farm on September 15th from 3-6pm. I hope you’ll attend!! We’ve been working hard on creating the program to be educational and interactive. There will be a free dinner afterwards!

In the box….

Large Share

Gold potatoes, tomatillos, lemon cucumbers, basil, green onions, green bell peppers, a big zucchini, yellow cherry tomatoes, orange heirloom tmatoes, green curly kale.

Small Share

Gold potatoes, leeks, lemon cucumbers, green bell peppers, tomatillos, yellow cherry tomatoes, orange heirloom tomatoes, basil, green onions.


I am SO excited to share the leeks and tomatillos with you all this week! Those are new veggies in the CSA, we haven’t seen them before! Don’t worry, we still have a few suprise veggies up our sleeves!

If you want to put the potatoes and leeks to good use, here is an awesome soup recipe. I made this earlier this week, and it was SO delicious. I love soup season and I believe it’s here. Have fun with this recipe! (P.S. this website has a billion different leek soup recipes, there’s so many to try!

For the large, you all got one BIG zucchini. The big ones are really tasty made into some type of zucchini bread, but you could also do zucchini boats and stuff them with a tasty filling. Below is a recipe for zucchini, date, and rye bread. If you have too much zucchini to use in the recipe, you can always shred the rest and freeze it for later use.

Enjoy all the food this week!

See you tomorrow!

Your farmers,

Eleanor and Pearce

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