CSA Newsletter – Week #4

Summer CSA 2023

Hey CSA members!

Happy week #4 of the CSA! The weeks are really starting to fly by. We really hope you are enjoying the variety of veggies each week. If you plan on using a vacation week next week, let me know! You can email or text me. Just a reminder that everyone gets 2 vacation days through the summer. If you choose not to use them/don’t need them, your CSA will end after 16 weeks, or you can pay for the two extra delivery weeks if you want more veggies!

This week on the farm was slightly more restful, April and I spent Friday harvesting for the farmers market in the most dreamy weather. The 70 degree overcast day, with the occasional breeze, cooled our souls and restored our energy and rebuilt our excitement for field work. Sometimes hot day after hot day can begin to drain us. The ebb and flow of summer weather is very much appreciated. At the end of the day we found ourselves laughing and harvesting the most beautiful flower blooms for the farmers market.

I like to grow flowers on our farm for a few reasons. For one, they give the pollinators a habitat and boost our farms biodiversity. They also brighten up the landscape and bring joy and color to the field. I love harvesting them for farmers market and I love to dry them for winter crafting. Even though they are just a side show to the veggies we raise, I think I’ll always find a way to include them in our crop plan. It’s totally worth it!

Well, just like I promised, tomorrow marks the beginning of our SUMMER SQUASH RECIPE CHALLENGE! Of course, it’s not required, but anyone who sends me a submission will be entered in a drawing for some farmers market treats and a bouquet of flowers! if we get enough submissions, we might even draw two winners….

Read below for instructions and GET CREATIVE. We can’t wait to see what you come up with in the kitchen.

In your box….

Here are photos of what you’ll find in your box this week!

Large CSA

Carrots, beets, green onions, chard, purple curly kale, lettuce, basil, summer squash, and pea shoots.

Small CSA

Carrots, beets, chard, purple curly kale, chard, summer squash, basil, and pea shoots.

Some inspiration…..

First of all, so sorry the kale isn’t bunched. I wanted to harvest baby kale from our new kale succession, but it turned out to be more like teenage kale… So please enjoy your little pile of unbunched, teenage kale in the CSA this week! You can use it exactly the same way you would use any kale, the leaves are just slightly smaller.

Quick tip!

There are a few roots in your CSA this week: carrots and beets. They are bunched with the tops. I recommend separating the roots from the tops when you get home, both the roots and the greens will store for longer if they are separated. If you leave the greens on the roots, the roots start to get squishy after a few days.

I didn’t get super creative with recipes this week, we just ate a lot of veg in various ways! I used a lot of summer squash in our meals. We ate zucchini noodles, and veggie filled grilled cheeses. We also ate lots of fresh veggies with rice and bacon. Most of the time we find ourselves eating this way, without a recipe, just whatever lands in the bowl or on the plate!

Recipe for the week!

All of you received a bunch of carrots with a lush top. I know I’ve already sent a pesto recipe, but the carrot tops also make a great pesto. If your pesto-ed out, you could always make it and freeze for winter! I guarentee you’ll be missing the fresh farm flavors when the days are short and cold 🙂 I know this recipe doesn’t call for basil, but you could always add some basil to this pesto for added flavor.

Can’t wait for you to enjoy the bounty this week! looking forward to seeing how you use the summer squash in your kitchen.

Sunshine and soil,


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