CSA Newsletter – THE LAST CSA

Hey CSA members!

We did it! Today is the LAST CSA delivery of 2022! Wow. This summer really flew by. We hope you’re ready to enjoy the final bounty of what our farm was able to produce this season. We have loved feeding you this season. It was a true joy to know our produce was going to the kitchens of people who really support our mission and our farming dreams.

Just a small logistic for today: If possible, please bring a reusable grocery bag to pickup. You can unload your box into your bag and leave the wax box with us, or leave it at your dropsite. We can collect the wax boxes from the dropsites next week. I’ll send everyone a text message to remind you about bringing a bag.

ALSO, if you’ve been hording wax boxes all season, NOW IS THE TIME to return them! I’m sure most of them have only seen 1-2 uses and are still in good condition to be used again.

On the farm…

This week, instead of sharing stories from the farm, I want to hear YOUR voice! Please take a moment to fill our our CSA member survey, linked below.

In the box….

Large Share

Yellow onions, kale, shishito peppers, red radishes X2, purple daikon radishes, green bell peppers, rainbow carrots, leeks, mixed potaoes, mixed cherry tomatoes.

Small Share

Purple daikon radishes, yellow onions, leeks, green bell peppers, rainbow carrots, red radishes, kale, mixed potatoes, mixed cherry tomatoes.


This week we’ve really loaded you up on one of our favorite fall veggies, RADISHES! There are two different types in your box: red radishes and purple daikon radishes. The red ones are juicy and mild, great for snacking or eating fresh! The purple ones are more spicy, with a tougher skin. They would be delicious roasted with other root veggies, but can absolutely be eaten fresh too.

I love to quick pickle my radishes when I have a lot on hand. That way I can store them in the fridge for many months and add them to sandwiches, wraps, or salads through the winter! You can pickle both varieties of radishes; feel free to mix them all together! Here is a recipe for quick pickled radishes:

See you this afternoon!

Your farmers,

Eleanor and Pearce

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