CSA Newsletter – Week #10

Summer CSA 2023

We had a cool, cloudy day to harvest for the CSA, and a little sidekick!

Happy CSA day!

Hey everyone! Hope this email finds you well, sorry it’s so late into the evening! Either you can doze off to bed reading this newsletter, or enjoy it bright and early with your breakfast. However you’re reading it, I hope you had an excellent week. Thank you for some of the social media shoutouts and the sweet emails over the past week. I feel so warm and fuzzy when you share your stories with our food. It makes what we do feel so much more real!

This week on the farm we made a big push and harvested our potato crop! The plants matured early; usually they would keep growing until mid-September and we would harvest then but our plants dried down mid-August and the resident gopher population was having a little feast, so we decided the potatoes needed to come out of the ground. We had an awesome little crew of friends and family (and babies!) show up and help us pick potatoes. We have a tractor with a potato digger attachment, so we used that to dig the potatoes out of the ground and all we had to do was gather the potatoes and put them into totes. Starting next week, you’ll be able to enjoy all the glory potatoes have to offer! We’re excited to include them as a part of our CSA.

A big shoutout to our potato harvest crew, thank you!!

And now for the moment you’ve been anticipating since last week…. The BEET challenge! This week and next week will be a “how many ways” challenge. You are asked to try and use the beets in your CSA as many ways as possible. Winner will be the CSA member who uses them in the most ways through the next two weeks. You’ve got this! There are farmers market treats at stake!

Remember….a little beet goes a loooooong way. Try incorporating beets into as many meals and dishes as possible! Your use of the beets could be as simple as a root roast, or as elaborate as making a beet cake! Up to you 🙂

Keep reading the newsletter so you can find out what’s in your share this week!

In your box….

Here are photos of what you’ll find in your box this week!

Large CSA

Cherry tomatoes, kohlrabi, purple carrots, eggplants, yellow onions, bell peppers, herb bundle, broccoli microgreens, beets, green onions, and heirloom tomatoes (not pictured).

Small CSA

Cosmic purple carrots, bell peppers, green onions, kohlrabi, herb bundle, beets, yellow onions, cherry tomatoes, and heirloom tomatoes.

Some inspiration…..

The inspiration this week is in your hands! Sorry I don’t have a special recipe to share this week. I feel like everything in the share this week we’ve either had before, or it’s a popular staple and hopefully you’ll know how to use it up. Email me if you have any questions or need more inspiration!

Everyone received a bundle of sage, thyme, and chives again this week. They are a nice combo of herbs to use in the base of soups or in the meatball recipe I shared on week #3. Enjoy!

Potatoes and zinnias,


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