CSA Newsletter – Week #1

Summer CSA 2023

Hello all!

Well, we finally made it. The FIRST CSA of 2023! This is a moment I’ve been anticipating since last fall. All the planning, seeding, planting, weeding, watering, and work has finally culminated into food that we can share with you all. We’re definitely feeling super stoked. I am very excited to share stories from the farm through these newsletters. Read to the bottom to learn what is in the CSA box this week, and to be inspired in the kitchen!

This season has looked different to us in so many ways. We welcomed a baby into our lives in February so we’ve been enjoying everything that parenthood has to offer! Our little baby is loving the farm life so far. He is so patient with us as we work and he enjoys feeling the soil on his little toes. It’s been wild to navigate a new baby and farming, but we’re feeling so grateful for our family and friends who have stepped in to help us get the fields planted so we can feed you!

In addition to welcoming a baby, we’ve also welcomed an employee onto our farm! April Jones is a naturopathic doctor who is just starting her own practice and works with us part-time. She brings such a positive energy to our team and shares lots of wisdom about plants and food as sources of healing and wellness. We’re super grateful for her and her knowledge. Reach out if you want to connect with April, or hear more about her work in Naturopathy!

The first CSA delivery is tomorrow, and we are so excited for you to enjoy the food we’ve raised. This isn’t the kind of food you’ll find anywhere else. The greens are super nutrient-dense, and the herbs smell AMAZING. We’re super proud of our food, and we hope you can geek out about all of it with us too.

Be sure to read through the member handbook before picking up your veg, so you know where to go, and where to find your CSA. The most important thing….


You cannot take the plastic yellow tote with you. Next week, I’ll be bringing your veggies in our second set of yellow totes, and I need to be able to pickup all the empty totes when I arrive to the dropsites. If you take yours with, there will be nothing for me to pack your share into for the third week…. It’s all part of the system so I can effectively delivery your veggies.

In your box….

Here are photos of what you’ll find in your box this week!

Large CSA

Rainbow chard, green curly kale, prize choi, green butter lettuce, dill, thyme, and basil.

Small CSA

Spinach, green curly kale, prize choi, dill, cilantro, and green butter lettuce.

Some inspiration…..

This week’s box is SUPER GREEN. I’m obsessed. All that green will boost our moods and support our immune systems as we enter the longest days of the year. Happy summer solstice! The summer veggies are just around the corner to join the party too.

There are so many ways to use up your greens this week!


Everyone has received a HUGE bunch of dill. We’ve never grown such an amazing dill crop, and We’re super proud of it! If you have a dehydrator, I HIGHLY recommend tossing some of it in there overnight to dry it out. Then you can store it in a jar to use this winter. I also love to use fresh dill to make homemade ranch dressing!

A note on herbs…

You’ll receive a lot of herbs in your CSAs this summer, You can always dehydrate/dry them for future use. Any fresh herbs I always store in my fridge like this…

In a small jar with water. It extends their life and they are ready to use at any moment during the week!


Everyone received a head of prize choi, which is a type of asian green. I recommend using in stir-frys or soups. They are super hearty and full of nutrients! You can eat the whole thing, the stems and the leaves!

Have so much fun unpacking your CSA tomorrow and bringing it to your kitchen. Please share all your culinary creations with me, I am always inspired by what our CSA members bring to their table.

Sunshine and soil,


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