CSA Newsletter – Week 9

Hey CSA Members!

Wow. Week #9. This CSA marks the halfway point of summer veggies! We have exactly 9 weeks left. We hope you’ve been enjoying everything so far this summer! We’ve loved getting to know you and we can’t wait to keep sharing produce with you through the beginning of October.

Just a reminder to keep bringing your wax boxes to pickup. Thank you to those of you who do! It’s really helpful.

On the farm…

Farm Tour Announcement!

We have exciting news! We are being sponsored by the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) to host an interactive tour of our farm in September. The farm tour will emphasize our sustainable farming practices and provide hands-on activities and skills for those interested in learning more about regenerative farming and what it looks like to produce vegetables for the community in a manner that puts the health of our soils and earth first. Check out the poster below for details.

More details to come, but pencil the date into your calendar if you wish to attend! Dinner will be provided after the field day, so we’ll be able to share a tasty meal together!

In the box….

Large Share

Shishito peppers, purple carrots, summer squash, red russian kale, italian spindle onion, basil, dragon toungue beans, tomatoes, green bell peppers, chard.

Small Share

Shishito peppers, summer squash, purple carrots, red russian kale, italian spindle onion, basil, dragon tongue beans.


The Shishito peppers are the small, green, wrinkly peppers in the paper bag. They are traditionally sauteed whole, in a pan on high heat, until the skins become slightly blistered. Then you can eat them whole with a bit of sea salt sprinkled over them. You can also just chop them up and use them like a regular pepper. Follow the recipe below for “blistered shishito peppers”. WARNING: 1 in 5 shishito peppers is SPICY. Sometimes they are mild and sometimes they carry some heat, be ready for a flavorful surprise!

The Purple carrots are really fun. We grew two varieties this year, the black nebula carrot and the cosmic purple carrot. You’ll find both in your bunches this week. The black nebula carrots are deep purple all the way through. The cosmic purple carrots have purple skin, but are orange on the inside. Have fun with these! If you’re into juicing, these would be really fun to make a purple carrot juice!

The Italian spindle onions are just a long red onion. They can be used the same as a regular red onion. Just peel the skin and chop away!

See you this afternoon!

Your farmers,

Eleanor and Pearce

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