CSA Newsletter – Week 8

Happy Sunday!

I hope you had a really fun summer week. The cooler weather was so welcomed here, it took some of the heat pressure off of the plants (and the farmers) and made for a very enjoyable week on the farm. We are excited to share the bounty of the farm with you this week, HELLO summer veggies!

I just want to take a moment to THANK all of you for your dedication and commitment to our farm so far this season. I was chatting with someone last week and I realized that we have not had a single complaint about our CSA from any of our members! You are all AMAZING. I’ve been working with CSA farms for a long time, and honestly, complaints are super normal. I want you to know you can always be honest with us if there’s something you want to share about our CSA; but the positive feedback and complete commitment is SO incredible. We feel deeply uplifted by each and every one of you every week and the joy you share with us about our CSA is unmatched. THANK YOU for being some of the best CSA members we could ask for! We have so much gratitude for the way you care about the food we raise. SO MUCH LOVE.

It’s been so fun getting to know all of you so far this summer, and we still have over half the summer let to enjoy your presence!

Read the rest of the newsletter to find our what’s in the veggie box, get updates from the farm, and read some recipe/cooking inspiration!

On the farm…

The rain last Saturday really gave everything on the farm a breath of relief. We had another rain shower on Tuesday afternoon as well, which just added to the relief. The weather has been cooler and drier, so working in the field was a complete dream. Farming is so weather dependent; I always feel like I talk about it a lot, but what else influences how our ecosystem and our bodies function on a day to day basis? The weather is such a miraculous thing and I am grateful my job ebbs and flows with it so deeply.

This week we harvested 7lbs of basil for a restaurant in Uptown called BRIM. We also harvested 5lbs of cherry tomatoes and delivered the produce on Thursday. They are the sweetest little restaurant, nestled right on the shoreline of lake Bde Maka Ska. The owners are very supportive of local food, and many farmers are featured in their menu. If you drop by there for lunch or dinner this week, the pesto on their menu will feature our basil!

We also have 6 pigs that we’re raising on the farm this season. They are on pasture and eat 100% organic, soaked grains to supplement their diet. Let me know if you want to come out to the farm to meet them! We’re also still open to having volunteers out to the farm to help with weeding and other projects. Just let me know if you have a day you want to come out and we can coordinate!

In the box….

Large Share

Green curly kale, assorted tomatoes, baby yellow onions, baby green bell peppers, parsley, romaine lettuce, summer squash, gold and red beets, broccoli, and DRAGON TONGUE beans!

Small Share

Green curly kale, assorted tomatoes, baby yellow onions, baby green bell peppers, parsley, summer squash, gold and red beets, and DRAGON TONGUE beans!


Everyone gets a 1/2 lb of Dragon Tongue Beans this week! This is our first bean harvest and we could not be more excited. Beans are absolutely my favorite summer veggie. These beans are really fun because they are a flat, yellow bean with purple spots. You can eat them raw or cooked. If there’s too many of them to eat you can always blanch and freeze them for later use! Or you could be fancy and quick pickle them in the fridge for a tangy addition to just about anything!

You’ll also find a couple very small Green Bell Peppers in your share! This is just the beginning of pepper season, so we thought we’d give you a little taste of that peppery crunch!

The yellow onions are just baby onions that started to dry down before growing any bigger. You can use them just like a regular bulb onion. I’m thinking the combination of the tomatoes, onions, and bell pepper might make for a fun fresh salsa! Here’s a fresh salsa recipe to get your inspiration going:

If you’re really feeling fancy, you can go the extra step and ferment your salsa for about 7-10 days for added probiotic benefit. Good luck and happy cooking!

See you tomorrow!

Your farmers,

Eleanor and Pearce

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