Top 10 Reasons to Join our CSA

Our CSA is MORE than just vegetables.

Thinking about joining our CSA program?  Still deciding if our CSA is the right fit for you this summer? We totally understand. Joining a CSA can be a big commitment and seem a little daunting. But luckily, as with all good things, it comes with some of the most beautiful (and delicious) rewards! We LOVE our CSA members and here are the top 10 reasons to join our CSA:

1) You’ll have a relationship with your farmer

Yes, Pearce and I truly want to know YOU. You aren’t just some random customer who stops by our market stand for a bunch of carrots once in a while. We get to feed you EVERY week. We have the ultimate privilege of growing all your veggies for the summer AND fall! You matter to us. We want to share our stories and hear yours too.

We are always just a phone call or text message away to answer any of your questions and provide inspiration! We’ll also send you weekly newsletters with photos from the farm and our quirky farming stories. Your veggies will connect the food on your table to US, the people raising your food and all the fun that comes with it.

2) You’ll strengthen your relationship with the earth

The earth and its soils are responsible for producing ALL of the food that nourishes us. We cannot live without the earth. We are ONE with the soil and the sun. By joining our CSA program, you’ll have a direct relationship with the land we steward. Whatever the earth feels, you’ll feel that reflected in your CSA share. Every week is different and every week is based in what the earth will provide for us.

You’ll have many opportunities to come out to the farm to visit the plot of land where we raise the vegetables. You can volunteer, join us for CSA member appreciation days, or just pop out for a tour/visit.  You’ll be able to see and feel the plot of earth responsible for our nutrition all summer and fall.

We’ll also educate you about all the practices we use to steward the land where we raise the vegetables in your share. You’ll hear about how we work hard to support the soil foodweb, promote a diverse ecosystem, and give back to our earth.

3) You’ll get to embark on a culinary adventure

Our CSA is delivered to our members in the form of a pre-packed box of mixed vegetables. Every week is a seasonal, unique combination of vegetables straight from the field. We can guarantee that each week you’ll try ONE new vegetable, that maybe you’ve never heard of!

From dragon tongue beans and fennel to thelma sanders acorn squash and badger flame beets you’ll definitely taste the diversity of vegetables the Minnesota climate can produce!

You’ll get to experiment with new recipes, experience new wins in the kitchen (and maybe a few fails!) But it’s all part of the beautiful process. It truly is a new (yet exciting!) challenge to use the bounty of all the veggies in your share each week.

4) We promise to raise food you can TRUST

As farmers, we will provide you (the CSA member) with complete transparency about how our food was raised. We’ll never leave you wondering where your food came from, and how it was grown. Knowledge is POWER, and we promise to give you all the knowledge you need to trust the veggies in your box.

We never spray ANY chemicals on our veggies (not even the “organic” ones!). We believe that food must be raised completely chemical-free so our bodies can thrive from the whole vegetable itself, without the addition of chemicals.

When you join our CSA, there will never be any questions about where your food came from, who raised, it, or how far it traveled to get to you. We are completely trustworthy and we believe the food you choose to feed your body should be too!

5) You’ll have a whole new community of people in your life

By joining our CSA program you’ll have the opportunity to meet and interact with other CSA members. You’ll be able to share recipes, geek out over your favorite vegetables, and make new friends!

We have a CSA member discussion board where you can share your favorite culinary creations, ask questions, and send other members messages.

Pearce and I also love socializing with our CSA members! We love making new friends and connecting over the food in your box. We cannot wait to share in the CSA member community vibes this season!

6) The CSA provides you with food security and consistency

CSA members secure their food with us for the full season. When you become a member, we guarantee to provide you with all the vegetables we possibly can each week. We coordinate our entire crop plan to support our CSA member boxes. We plant, transplant, cultivate, and harvest for YOU. Provided there is no drastic weather event that wipes out our crops, we will always be able to fill your fridge with abundant veggies each week!

Your investment in our CSA program allows us to keep growing and farming each year, guaranteeing that we can feed you in the future too. We’ve got you covered!

7) Your food will be nutrient-dense and SUPER fresh

Our farming practices are put in place to ensure that our plants are as healthy as possible and FULL of nutrients when we harvest them. The healthier and more nutrient-dense our veggies are, the healthier we are!

We also harvest THE DAY before our CSA deliveries. Vegetables contain the most nutrients right after harvest, so your produce is full of nutrition and freshness when we deliver it to you on Sundays.

8) You’ll be inspired to try new things

There will be some weeks where you’ll know every vegetable in your share, and some weeks where a COMPLETELY new vegetable to you will reach your fridge. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging! We send our CSA members newsletters every week. Our newsletters include our favorite recipes, kitchen success stories, and lots of ideas of how to use the veggies in your box.

Some weeks we provide recipe cards that pair specifically with the veggies harvested for your weekly share. You can use these recipe cards in the kitchen and hang them on your fridge!

CSA members can also share recipes and inspiration with others through our member discussion board. We encourage asking questions, we’re always available to help!

9) You’ll spend more time cooking, and less time making decisions in the store

We know how difficult it can be to make weekly meal plans and shop for all your ingredients at the local grocery store. We eliminate that time spend waffling about what veggies to buy because the earth decides for us! We pre-pack all of our boxes each week, based on what’s ready in the field. All veggies in the CSA are 100% seasonal and follow the rhythm of what the MN climate can provide

You’ll get a picture of your box emailed to you every Saturday evening, before the CSA pickup on Sunday. All you’ll need to shop for are the ingredients to pair with the veggies in your box!

You’ll spend less time making decisions about what you will eat each week, and more time cooking with the delicious veggies in your box!

10) You’ll strengthen our local, Twin Cities ECONOMY

When you buy local, a larger percent of your dollar stays in the local economy. Your choice to place your dollar in local business strengthens our Twin Cities community and keeps your money HERE, where it matters.

By investing in the local food movement, you are stating that you support regenerative food producers and you’re securing the possibility of farmers raising food near you for generations to come.

Our CSA program is SO MUCH MORE than just vegetables. It’s about connections. It’s about strength. It’s about creativity and inspiration. We truly hope you’ll make the choice to eat with us this summer.

Sunshine and love,


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