Community Supported Agriculture

Seasonal veggie boxes, raised locally.

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)? 

CSA programs are one of the most powerful ways to support local, regenerative farmers across the nation. They were developed as a way for small farms to financially secure their growing season and for their members to share in the vegetable bounty raised by the farmer.

Our CSA program is built off reciprocity in every dimension. As a member, you will financially invest in our farm, either upfront or through a payment plan, and we promise to share the bounty of all the food we raise with you over 16 weeks in the summer season. Our produce is distributed to our members at two drop sites each week in the form of a pre-packed veggie box.

What does it mean to be a member?

As a CSA member you ride the wild farming adventure alongside with us. Whatever challenges or successes mother nature throws at us, we’re all in it together. We can plan like crazy, but we can never anticipate exactly what each growing season will look like. Sometimes we have summer squash coming out of our ears, sometimes a large hail storm comes and shreds our lettuce heads. Whatever it may be, our CSA members will either enjoy the bounty, or feel the losses with us.

We invest lots of time and energy planning for our growing season. Our crop plans ensure we have veggies ripe and ready for our members for all 16 weeks of our CSA program. We hope that you’ll trust us to raise your food and join our community.

Change your food narrative!

We are cultivating a new narrative with our food. A narrative where our food is raised locally and in reciprocity with the lands natural systems. A narrative where food is chemical and pesticide free. A story where our community and our farmers come together in sharing the bounty of the earth. We hope you’ll join this narrative and eat with us this season!

A Note on Food Access…

This is an equal opportunity CSA program. All people are welcome to eat with us regardless of background, race, gender, religion, income etc. We are also incredibly open to food accessibility and are willing to work with any members interested in accessing our produce. We are willing to find creative solutions to make our vegetables accessible to you and/or your family. If you have any special skills to help support our business, or want to volunteer for veggies, send us an email and we can make a plan.

Create your own delivery location!!

If you want to create your own delivery location near you, all you need to do is gather 5 of your friends or neighbors committed to joining our CSA and we’ll deliver to a location of your choosing! Contact us for more information on creating your own delivery location.

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