CSA Newsletter – Week 4

Happy CSA Day!

Thank you to everyone who let me know you’ll be on vacation this week. I really appreciate the communication, you all make my job easy. For those of you on vacation, I hope you are enjoying spending quality time with family friends, or even just yourself!

Thanks for continuing to bring those wax boxes back to us during your pickups. We can sanitize them between uses and re-use them each week! We’re grateful to work with you each week to reduce waste in this beautiful earth we live on.

Also…. Pearce and I love to climb at Minneapolis Bouldering Project after our final delivery on Sundays. We extend the invite to any members who want to climb with us!

On the farm…

This week on the farm felt like we were playing catch up. We had a lot going on in our personal lives over the last two weeks; parents visiting, vacations, and other farm tours and events kept us from our normal farm tasks. We spent much of this week planting some angry crops that should have been in the ground weeks ago (ahem… the tomatillos!) and weeding some crops that had been neglected (the cucumbers… oops!). We’re feeling more caught up now, and ready to move into the new month. July is HERE. We’re anticipating a month of summer bounty and LOTS of weeding. If you ever want to get your hands dirty and pull some thistle, we won’t say no!

The first summer crops are also finally making their debut! We taste tested the first ripening tomatoes, cucumbers, and summer squash this week. Oh, how I’ve missed those flavors!!

What are your farmers eating through the week?? Pearce and I very much rely on the veggies to tell us what to eat. We almost never use recipes anymore, and we’ve become masters at pulling out whatever is in the fridge and tossing it together for a meal. This week we ate tacos with purple basil and shredded romaine lettuce. We also ate a pork and rice stir-fry with carrots topped with green onions and served on a bed of lettuce. Low quality photos, but high-quality FLAVOR.

In the box….

The first summer squash/zucchinis and beets have made their debut!

Large Share

Speckled romaine lettuce, purple curly kale, red beets, summer squash, carrots, snap peas, purple basil, lemon balm, and squash blossoms.

Small Share

Speckled romaine lettuce, purple curly kale, red beets, summer squash, purple basil, lemon balm, and squash blossoms.


There are some fun/unique flavors in this box! The purple basil is really fun to use as a garnish on just about anything. It has a strong basil flavor and it’s a beautiful color.

The Lemon Balm is on of my favorite herbs. Traditionally it is dried and steeped as tea. You are welcome to use it fresh in tea is well! It will make a tasty iced tea to cool you down on these hot days. You can also chop it up and eat it fresh in salads or cooked into meals. It would go really nice in a chicken soup or croc pot chicken meal!

The squash blossoms are unique and super seasonal. I had actually never eaten them until last weekend when my cousin came to visit. When she showed up for dinner we went out and harvested squash blossoms together and she stuffed them with a romesco sauce and ricotta, then dipped them in a flour/egg batter and fried them in a pan. My life is forever changed. They were AMAZING. I am sharing them with you this week so your life can be changed too 🙂

Feel free to try out a few of these recipes to use your squash blossoms.

See you tomorrow!

Your farmers,

Eleanor and Pearce

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